Appreciation Never Gets Old

Here is tonight’s list of things I am appreciating in my life:

  • That I enjoy what I do professionally is rewarding, fun, fulfilling, and satisfying.
  • My new computer, a blessedly fresh start.
  • Running, an incredible outlet and mood enhancer, nowadays more than ever.
  • My Wife, and our incredible relationship built on love and communication.
  • Our cat Leeloo, who is such an incredible animal.
  • The fact that I can choose my focus, and focus deliberately on things that feel good, while catching myself and altering course when I notice thoughts that don’t.
  • Abraham-Hicks, a continual source of inspiration, clarity, and positivity.
  • My fixation on personal finances, which I am using to build a life of abundance and peace of mind on all money matters.
  • The value of contrast, which, while it can be challenging, seems not only inevitable but also essential to our expansion in life.
  • This Blog, with its great flexibility, and fact that I can do neat things like link to other posts and write out lists of things to appreciate 🙂
  • The ability to let the past go, and to focus instead on what I want (in other words, to pivot).

Appreciation never gets old 🙂

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