Day 284: We’re going to see Abraham-Hicks!

Yep. It’s official. My wife and I bought tickets to see Abraham-Hicks live in June in San Francisco 🙂

If you have ready my posts for awhile, you have no doubt seen me mention Abraham-Hicks. I have been open about how much they have influenced me. In truth, the “channeled” writing style I use when I go to the cafe takes after them. It also takes after Conversations with God, which is where I first saw such things.

I had been eyeing going to an Abraham-Hicks workshop for numerous years. In fact, probably at least five. My wife knows this, so when I announced today that, yes, we got tickets, she seemed surprised. Yes, honey, this time I mean it!

For me, the fact that we are going is about saying “Yes.” It is about getting over my excuses and saying, “This shall happen now.” And lo and behold, like magic, here it is!

To honor this occasion, here is a cool Abraham quote:

Your happiness does not depend on what others do, but only upon your own vibrational balance. And the happiness of others does not depend on you, but only on their own vibrational balance, for the way anyone feels, in any moment, is only about their own mix of Energies. The way you feel is simply, clearly, and always the indicator of the vibrational balance between your desires and your vibrational offering, which, from your vantage point, you have launched.

There is nothing in all of the Universe more important for anyone to understand than how the vibration they are offering is matching the vibrations of their desires, and the way you feel is your indicator of whether you are allowing your connection to Source or not. Every good feeling; every positive creation; all your abundance, clarity, health, vitality, and Well-Being–and all the things that you consider to be good, are dependent upon the way you are feeling right now and on the relationship that that feeling-vibration has to the vibration of who you really are and what you really desire.

Abraham-Hicks, “Ask and it is Given,” 89.

TRANSLATION: You are in charge of your happiness. No one else makes you happy. It’s in your power. Check in with the way you feel. If you feel good, then you are on the right track!

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