Practicing Ease and Effortlessness

These days, I’m starting to look for ways to work easy, to let things happen effortlessly, to leverage the wonderful ways that things can get accomplished as if by magic, without stress or strain. More and more I’m striving to take “the path of least resistance,” as Abraham-Hicks talks about.

More and more, I have the optimistic notion that this Universe is looking out for me. Why not align with it and trust it to help things work out on my behalf?

Most of us learned of the (supposed) virtue of working hard, as in “I have to work hard for money,” or “I have to work hard for what I want,” or “no pain, no gain.”

Why does it have to be this way?

Here are some real life examples of how I am practicing ease and effortlessness. These are generally small and simple actions but they have grown immensely powerful in my life:

  • When reading books: Instead of trying to force myself to read for hours and hours, I let myself “nibble” away at the book. It could be only twenty pages, or frankly, ten, or five…. or one. By this method, books get read! Also, I find that it helps me enjoy reading to let myself take my time when I want to with a book.
  • When blogging: I have found from personal experience that creating a daily blogging habit serves me beautifully in many ways both personal and creative. I have allowed myself maximum flexibility in blog topics, content, and quality, which has made me more productive, because each post hasn’t had to be brilliant. At the same time, I still write things I’m comfortable potentially sharing with the world πŸ˜‰
  • When running (or any kind of exercise): I’m going for my first marathon in 2021…my fourteenth year of consistent running. But I built up to that with mostly easy-going, consistent running because I enjoy doing it. Why punish yourself with grueling physical goals when you can ease into great accomplishments over time?
  • When investing or getting our financial house in order: Once we made the decision to get our financial act together, it was fairly easy to start moving in that direction. I wasn’t an expert and at first didn’t know what I was doing. But I knew how I wanted to feel in the area of money (ie peaceful, enthused, and delighted). More importantly, I knew how I didn’t want to feel (ie freaked out!). From there, I naturally attracted solutions that helped us pay off our debts and invest our money to create our own growing savings snowball.
  • When trying to accomplish anything that matters. Just as in my examples above, if you practice regular, consistent action towards your own goals, over your time, you will probably be shocked at how easily results will eventually come. I regularly see this in my own life.

There are more and more cool ways that I am seeing how life can be easy and effortless.* Even simple mundane things like recycling cans and bottles for laundry money, or using a dolly to carry groceries from our car instead of carrying the bags can feel like fun ways of bringing intelligent ease into our life πŸ™‚

*When I say “easy and effortless,” note that I’m not talking about avoiding challenges. Challenges can help us grow. Plus, they seem to come with the territory of being alive. Yet I think most people could allow more ease into their life. Because it don’t have to be so dang hard!

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