Serving Its Purpose Beautifully

I’m enjoying the latest stint of daily blogging, which started back in October. It’s been relatively painless from a work point of view. As usual, it’s satisfying to leave a “trail” of my thoughts. Since my first post back on April 3, 2016, I have published six-hundred and fourteen posts (including this one, it will be six-hundred and fifteen)!

It’s satisfying to have accumulated such a high number so effortlessly, using my slow and steady approach. Kind of like my journals, my blog posts keep piling up! Of course, the number of posts is not what is important; it’s that fact that I found such alignment with blogging. Especially when I started daily blogging, I quickly saw how beneficial this entire project has been for me.

Recently I have been palpably aware of how important a role writing has played in my own personal healing journey. As I basically said back on Day 1 of my 365 Day Blogging Project two summers ago, this blog was designed to be a) expressive, b) open-ended and without limits, c) free of any expectation or pressure. These qualities have been incredibly helpful to me, giving me the freedom I craved to be myself, to express myself in my own way, and at my own pace.

In other words, this blog is still sacred to me 🙂 And it is serving its purpose beautifully.

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