Day 381: This blog is sacred to me

This blog has been a personal revelation for me. In the past, I used to get confused when it came to pleasing other people versus following my own guidance. This invariably sucked. What has always been true about My Happiness Obsession–even in the early days–is that I have always showed up fully and authentically, saying what is on my mind without undue concern about what other people might think (or if there was concern, I was always open about it, instead of hiding from it).

Since starting my 365 Day Blogging Project, I have always worked to make these posts sufficiently elevated that I’m comfortable sharing them with an audience. But I have never backpedaled, doubted myself, or censored myself when it came to expressing my point of view or following my instincts.

In other words, I rule the land here! I say how things go, what goes in and what doesn’t, for each post. After all, it is my own satisfaction that I’m serving here, not anyone else’s (even though I hope others can glean inspiration and value from it). This is a vital element of this blog. Without this, I would risk losing the sense of freedom, motivation, and desire that makes writing this such a fun experience.

This blog is sacred to me 🙂

The way I have gone about writing these posts, since day one, preserves a fundamental value that has always mattered to me above all: authentic self-expression. My idea of what self-expression suits me best has evolved over time. Generally, speaking, I want to keep things positive, because I feel that this, in the long run is a truer and more satisfying expression of myself.

Side note: I have found this to be equally true as a song-writer. Though I spent years writing songs that exhibited a sort of hyper-personal, tell-all kind of expression, ultimately I realized that I wanted to write songs that uplift, or at least that express a certain aspect of human experience in a honest and redeeming way.

That’s why, in my blog, I don’t censor the negative stuff. I just try to harness it, channel it, instead of letting it run amok. I feel a responsibility for my words, just as I do in my daily life.

I want this project to be something I can always be proud of. So far it is.

What is more, it has been completely on my terms 🙂

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