Clear as Daylight

In the past week or so, for the first time in several years, I’ve actually looked at joining someone else’s coaching program (and I did it by clicking on YouTube ad, of all things). I have been completely uninterested in joining any kind of coaching program for several years, preferring to go it alone, read books, and generally do the kinds of “personal well-being” activities I write about on this blog.

Though I decided not to pursue this particular opportunity right now, it’s a big deal to me that I was even tempted. Going through this process over the past few days gives me greater clarity on how I want to feel when I make choices. I’m waiting for that inner green-light to go off, that sense that I’m completely behind the new direction I’m considering, and that it’s time to press on the gas pedal. Any less than complete enthusiasm and clarity will not do! After all, as Abraham says, “If it isn’t hell yes, it’s hell no!”

As I’ve said before, it has to pass the satisfaction test. “Good” is not good enough: I’ll say “No” to the good so I can say “yes” to the great. In fact, the mojo for this blog was borne out of my deep desire to get clear on my own personal alignment. I had experienced the opposite too many times!

That’s why getting to “no” has such great value to me. The clarity of “no” will ultimately help me get to an even better “yes” down the line.

Clear as daylight!

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