Day 184: Documenting Personal Growth

It’s late on a Sunday night so let’s keep this short and sweet.

I continue to get value out of documenting my personal journey on this blog. Here are three areas where I have been seeing personal growth and writing about it:

  • getting comfortable saying “no” or changing plans
  • self-acceptance and unconditional love
  • getting over worrying what others think.

Here’s my little compilation of posts that deal with each area:

Getting Comfortable Saying “No” or Changing Plans

Posts covering:

Day 160: No One Said the Best Decisions Are Easy

Day 149: Chinks in the Armor

Day 111: Improving My Marathon/Life Balance (Update #3)

(Basically, any of the posts documenting my CIM training journey over the fall, especially my decision not to run)

Self-Acceptance and Unconditional Self-Love

Posts covering:

Day 176: Am I Being Nicer To Myself?

Day 173: What I Want This Year

Day 150: More Comfortable With My Humanity?

Getting Over Worrying About What Others Think

Posts covering:

Day 170: How To Be An Independent Thinker

Day 95: Why Do You Try to Be Normal?

Any post that was at all uncomfortable or embarrassing to share 🙂 And there have been a lot of them! Yet share I did anyway.

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