Day 87: Well-Being Returns

There is a cozy autumn feel this morning, and I am most appreciative for a sense of well-being.

I just enjoyed a nice breakfast, after eking out a 5-mile run. The run was effort because I was still tired after Saturday’s 23-miler, but nonetheless, it felt good to accomplish. Meanwhile, I enjoyed the morning cool and the chilly autumn breeze.

I am wearing a light, hooded sweatshirt. After months of hot weather, it is nice to have reason to wear a sweatshirt again. I originally bought this sweatshirt for the California International Marathon last year, when my wife and I took a trip to the Goodwill to buy something I wouldn’t mind throwing to the ground after the start of the marathon. This is a common practice; volunteers pick up discarded clothes in the first few miles of the race and donate them. As it turns out, I really liked this sweatshirt, so I kept it. To the marathon I brought an older one I didn’t mind unloading (probably because it didn’t have a zipper).

I am sitting here cozy in my spot in front of the computer listening to an inspiring Abraham Hicks recording on Youtube. I’m updating our financial spreadsheets and noticing how far our portfolio has dropped this year (or failed to grow despite our contributions). I chuckle to myself, because I feel okay about it. I trust it is working out.

As I sit here, appreciating feeling good, I wonder to myself, to what degree is my mood a result of the conditions of the morning? To what degree is it my focus? Which came first, the condition or the mindset?

Maybe it’s a bit of both.

One reason for my good mood is that I feel more normal after an arduous weekend long run. Recovery takes time. Case in point: yesterday was a fairly busy teaching day, and by the evening I struggled to complete normal activities like sending out an email and publishing my blog post. Actually, I lost it, and in my upset it took me far too long to accomplish what I wanted (thanks in part to my wife’s patient assistance as I ranted and raved). I regretted how upset I let myself get.

That’s ok. Sleep helps. Rest helps.

Well-being returns.

I have another busy teaching day today.

Right now, all is still.

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