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My New-and-Improved, Pandemic-Era Running Regime

I had two primary running goals coming into 2020: first, to run over 1000 miles for the year, as I did last year; second, to run a 20-miler. I’m within 30 miles of achieving the first goal, with over 2 1/2 months to go, and I ran 20 miles for the first time back in […]

Miscellaneous Shenanigans & Ruminations

Appreciation Never Gets Old

Here is tonight’s list of things I am appreciating in my life: That I enjoy what I do professionally is rewarding, fun, fulfilling, and satisfying. My new computer, a blessedly fresh start. Running, an incredible outlet and mood enhancer, nowadays more than ever. My Wife, and our incredible relationship built on love and communication. Our […]

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How to Benefit from Everything that Happens to You

In the past few months, I have experienced a lot of what Abraham-Hicks calls “contrast;” that is, unwanted things. Before my continuous (and obsessive?) study of Abraham-Hicks/Law of Attraction principle, I did not understand the valuable part contrast plays in my life. I know I’m still working on it, but I’m clearer than ever that […]


Pause and Reboot

Here we are, the last day of June. I blogged all of April and now all of June. Overall, it’s been a very satisfying experience. What’s next for me? Well, I have a new project in mind, something that will use the blog as a platform… to share original music. In format, it will be […]

Health & Outdoors Personal Growth Shenanigans & Ruminations

Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Good Hobby

Recently, I was running with my buddy Dave–for the first time in three months, because of the Quarantine–and we were talking about our hobbies. He told me he recently started building and flying model airplanes, something he had wanted to do since childhood. I agreed that having good hobbies adds a lot to one’s life, […]

Personal Growth

Happiness is a Present-Moment Thing

If there is one piece of wisdom I have learned from all my thinking, living, reading, and learning over the many years since my happiness obsession began (not the blog, but the clearly-stated desire within me to be happy, plus the recognition that I had badly strayed from my own happiness), it is this: happiness […]

Personal Growth

A Mind Can Change!

Earlier last year I wrote a blog post about how tracking one’s numbers can be a double-edged sword. Using the personal example of grades during my academic career and earning money as an adult, I explained how sometimes I had the problem of over-identifying with “my numbers,” as if they defined me. I also thought […]

Blogging Personal Growth

Sensitive Expressive Me

I’ve been enjoying doing this blog this month, by and large. It seems that I’m getting even more relaxed about expressing myself. That was definitely the purpose of doing the blog in the first place. When I was younger, I was definitely not relaxed about sharing my thoughts. I admit, even in the past few […]

Money Personal Growth Shenanigans & Ruminations

If Only We Were Robots (and Other Random Thoughts)

I decided to take some thoughts (mostly about investing, but not only) I wrote down recently and put them both down together here, instead of expanding each one into its own post: If Only We Were Robots If we were robots, the unpredictability of investments would probably not bother us, as we would have mathematically […]

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Counterfactual Thinking, that Sneaky Mechanism of the Mind

Investing is based the hope that assets you buy (whatever they may be) will provide (much) more value in the long run than the amount paid to buy them. This is a simple idea, yet along the way to harvesting your investment fruits, your psychological resolve will be tested again and again, since investments, especially […]