Day 118: Things I Appreciate About My 2022

We are about to complete the tenth month of the year, so I would like to write out some of the things I have appreciated about my 2022.

Things I appreciate about my 2022

  • I appreciate keeping up regular running. Running has continued to be an experience of joy, personal growth, and satisfaction. I am most appreciative!
  • Speaking of which, I appreciate doing the Galloway marathon training program, which is making the marathon training process relatively easy-going and yet still triumphant.
  • I appreciate being flexible with myself this year. Whether it was choosing not to worry about how many books I’ve read, or choosing not to stress over marketing a piano album, this is the year when I just left things alone that weren’t a hell yes 🙂
  • I appreciate being a creative powerhouse with this blog and with my compositions.
  • I appreciate the “Youtube Breakthrough“: my Charlie Chaplin video… which is currently nearing 4 million views.
  • I appreciate embracing the mantra “I am where I am.” This year has been about self-acceptance!
  • I can now say I have lived through my first true bear market… with no loss of investing enthusiasm.
  • I appreciate leaning into fun activities, making new friends (such as my running buddies), and generally aiming to balance out my life with Variety and Fun this year. Looking forward to even more next year…
  • I appreciate using the “contrast” of a year ago to become clearer, wiser, and even better skilled at getting happy regardless of circumstances.

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