Day 98: Clearing Up Faulty Ideas

Chris, so you want your music to reach a wider audience, is that it?

Um… yes. I do.

Why are you hesitating?

Um, well, I mean, I didn’t expect the question, but indeed, yes I do! I do I do!

Well, that is wonderful! And you can have it! It is as simple as just stepping up to the counter and ordering it!

Yes, I remember hearing that analogy before. You basically get what you “order” from the Universe, like taking a food order.

Yes, and as with a food order, you walk to the counter, you “mean business,” because you are ready to pay for the item, you order it, and it comes to you. And it’s that simple!

Okay. Uh, yeah, I definitely have experienced that in many walks of life. And I always listen to Abraham talk about how simple it all is. “Ask and it is given.” And that the part we need to do is let it in.

Well, you simply need to “mean it” when you order it, and that process of “meaning it” lasts until it is completely manifest. And what you allow, what you accept, what you are open to receive becomes your reality.

Yes, of course I am quite familiar with this.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you made full use of the principal, say in your music?

I’m smiling sheepishly. Yes it would 🙂

No need to smile sheepishly. There is nothing wrong with learning to make full use of something like this. You have practiced many other beliefs that were not this. You experienced many things that were not in tune with this simple principle. So you “believed” other things that did not feel so good, which is to say you “believed” them into reality, and they did not serve you! No wonder you were confused! And now, do you wish to be clear?

Yes, I am clear. I love being clear. Um, I think I detect some resistance to “reaching a wider audience.” Or maybe I just think ‘it’s going to be hard.” and it just felt stressful and no fun 🙁 Sorry about that!

That is okay. Notice how it feels to state what is going on. Do you feel better saying it that way or worse?

I feel slightly better. It’s nice to be honest, but not to indulge in some negativity. I see the resistant thought, I recognize the flawed premise, the faulty idea that “it’s supposed to be hard,” like you were saying the other day. I am not at all surprised that there are still thoughts to clean up so I can let in the fun and joy and ease and easy-going success I seek!

Yes. So you see your own resistant thought, and rather than getting mad at yourself, you are calm? You are peaceful? You are accepting?

Yes, I think so. I just say to myself, “Oh well, I am where I am. But I don’t have to add to the drama, or give it anymore power.” And I feel lighter, I feel better. I also appreciate the clarity, knowing that my own head was getting in the way here!

Your head was trying to tell you that this thing you want has got to be painful, has got to be hard, has got to be hard to get. We sense some fear behind that. If it were easy, what would that say about you? Maybe you would see some things change? Maybe that’s intimidating. Maybe the status quo of misery and unfulfillment is comforting.

Oy. I’m sure you are correct. Yet not that comforting! I’m ready to shift.

Are you?

Yes. And I’ll start by not believing my own head trying to make it harder than it is! I will choose to believe that I am on a fun, unfolding journey that can be a lot of joy and happiness :). Ease and Satisfaction are the order of the day!

That’s what I’m ordering, Universe!

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