Day 12: Everybody Has Strengths…Here Are Mine

Everybody has strengths. I find that the more I acknowledge my strengths, the happier I am, because the more I appreciate who I am, and the more I can focus my life around my strengths.

So I would like to talk to acknowledge some of my strengths.

These are some of my big strengths:

  • I am expert at the “Slow and Steady” approach. Whether I’m reading, writing, investing, running, or finishing up a jar of jelly beans, I am good at nibbling away a little at a time on something, consistently, day after day, until I reach my goal. I don’t care what the goal is (though it has to be important and meaningful to me). It could be running a marathon (which I have done, twice), reading a thousand page book (which I have done repeatedly), writing a daily blog for 365 days in a row (yep–done that, too), or writing a new music composition every day (I have been doing this for a month and a half). Either way, when I set my mind to something, I am good at playing the long game, and making those small moves that add up, like Andy Dufresne with his rock hammer.
  • I trust my intuition and Inner Guidance. Whether it’s writing music, blissing out at the cafe, blogging (or any form of writing), or teaching, I know that all I need to is calm my mind and open up. Some idea always occurs to me, and generally it is perfect for the moment. As I wrote a couple years ago in a post:

always had faith that the ideas would be there. I stepped up to the plate, so to speak, and every single time, I swung away, and hit the ball somewhere. I may have not known ahead of time where it was going, but I knew it would go somewhere!

Like writing this blog: I absolutely did not have a plan for what I would write about. Sure, there are trends. But mostly, I am doing the same process I do for song-writing or composing. I get up to the creative plate and swing!

“If You Tune In, The Ideas…. Just Come,” April 27, 2020
  • More and more, I accept who I am. That means, I no longer try to be someone I am not. Because I practice discernment and alignment and reaching for satisfaction, these days I am not likely to do something just because someone else says I should. Even if I yearn for their approval, I am more likely to realize it and to say to myself, “I really want this person’s approval, but if I do what they want me to do, I jeopardize my own. And that comes first.” Honestly, it doesn’t always feel cool. I may even wish I was different. But I’m learning that I must honor myself. That comes first!
  • I am absolutely committed to the Pursuit of Personal Happiness! It has always been the driving force of this blog. It is My Happiness Obsession!!!

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