Day 114: You have the guidance you need inside of you

Today I feel like just “turning my brain off” and letting forth these thoughts, hopefully inspiring, no doubt helpful in some way.  I have no idea what will come forth, let’s find out!

Thank You, Chris, for allowing these thoughts through.  Thank you for trusting this “voice.” It is not always easy to let go, to surrender to something you don’t completely understand.  Yet it is what artists, philosophers, visionaries, leaders, and happy people of all walks of life have been doing for ages.  To surrender to a “higher power” takes faith and courage.

As Chris types these words, he really doesn’t know what I am going to say.  Yet he is fairly certain, because he has felt the vibration of these thoughts before they have unfolded here in the post, that it will be something positive, something uplifting.  And it is.

The message I would like to pass forth today is about allowing the messages that are showing up to get through to you.  You will receive many messages if you are open to them.  These messages will reflect the vibration that they come from.  Just yesterday, Chris was getting some “inspiration,” which he dutifully wrote down.  Yet it was a different kind of inspiration than this inspiration right now.  It was coming from a place of concern, even of fear.  And yes, there was value in it.  It was valuable that Chris allowed it to come forth, so that he could take in the message of what that inspiration had to say.  If he had ignored it, buried it, then he could have missed the opportunity to learn something that is valuable for his own growth.

On the other hand, just because inspiration comes to you, doesn’t always mean it is the final answer.  Sometimes your inspired thoughts are merely a truthful reflection of something going on inside of you.  If the inspiration makes you feel peaceful, connected, and happy, than it is likely coming from a “higher” place.  Yet sometimes the inspiration may not feel quite so satisfying.  That is nonetheless worth looking at.

It is valuable to allow the messages that come forth to do so because you get to process what is really going on for you, in some cases.  And in other cases, you can get guidance in your life.  True inspiration can help clarify what is important to you, what is the next step, and what you need.

Chris has become very used to allowing these messages, in whatever form they occur.  At times, he will allow himself to write things that clearly come from fear or concern, or sense of separation from others.  Lately he has minimized those voices here, yet the point is, he allows it to come forth without censoring or blocking them.

Writing or speaking your thoughts in the right environment or platform is a healthy way to process your own perceptions and tap into ongoing guidance as you navigate through your life.  Learning to trust your perceptions, your intuitions, your thoughts, your gut reactions, and even the sometimes raw material of your unprocessed emotions, is part of living a healthy, connected life.  You have the guidance you need inside of you, if you are open to it.  You have the answers to your questions.  You have the truth, the only truth that really matters in your life, which is what is true for you.  What feels best, what feels like your truth. 

It may not be that common to do this, but people who find happiness on their own terms very often have an open channel to this.  How else can you find what works for you?  Sometimes you have to look for awhile, and allowing the intuition to come to you can help.

Here are some questions to consider in tapping into your own intuition and inner guidance:

What is your heart’s desire?  What would make you happiest in the world?

How do you feel about your life right now?  What satisfies you, and what doesn’t?

How can you take time out today to reflect, and to be “with yourself,” to tune into yourself?

What makes you happiest in life?  How can you spend more time doing and being that?

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