Top 10 Personal Accomplishments of 2020

I believe in making lists of things I’m proud of, things I’m enjoying, things I appreciate. So here goes a list of ten personal accomplishments from 2020 (in no particular order):

  1. Sometime Blogger Excels: This year I took a flexible on-again, off-again approach to blogging (though when I blogged, I did it every day). The months I blogged were April , June, and starting up in mid-October through today. Myhappinessobsession continues to be a great healing and creative personal outlet.
  2. Run, Man, Run! This year has probably been the best running year I have ever had. Not only did I run my first three 20-milers, I also ran over 1300 miles (my most ever–in comparison, I ran about 1040 miles last year). I will have run over two-hundred days (also my most ever) running my fastest overall pace ever (average about 8:46 min/mile for the year). Yee haw!
  3. The Happy Hubby at Home: For obvious reasons, I have spent more time at home this year than ever. The “domestic bliss” my wife and I share has made this easy-peasy overall. Thank you, Universe for blessing my life in this area.
  4. The Triumph of Mind Over Matter: This is the year that I got hold of my own mentality and put myself solidly into my own bubble of positivity despite the world seeming to fall apart. Chicken little be damned!
  5. Area Piano Teacher Moves Onto Zoom (with All the Rest of Them!): Though I haven’t written that much about it on here, I moved my entire piano studio online back in March, and it has worked out swimmingly.
  6. Market Crash? What Market Crash? This is the year I experienced first-hand that I can handle a bear market with no loss of investment enthusiasm.
  7. Woo-Woo Type Dives Into the Law Of Attraction: This year I continued my on-going study of the principles shared by Abraham-Hicks, my favorite ghost :). I feel much more skilled at focusing on what feels good as a result. It’s changing my life, man.
  8. For Love of Reading: This year I’ve tracked reading 11,000 pages so far, and nearly 30 books, both fiction and non-fiction. The surprise read of the year? Arnold Schwarzenegger’s bio!
  9. Intermittent Faster Master? This year I continued doing IF, or intermittent fasting, sticking to the 16 hour fasts that helped me lose 30 pounds a couple of years ago. Happy maintaining. Did I mention I’m a better, faster runner?
  10. Happy Money: This year I am really starting to feel the shift into an alignment when it comes to money đŸ™‚ Not only am I appreciating improving financial circumstances, I’m also feeling an ease that comes from a complete 180 mentality shift.

In conclusion: No wonder I think 2020 has been a wonderful year!

p.s. Now your turn!

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