What Do I Think?

A couple of times in the past–such is this–I have examined some topics in my life that feel good just to look a bit closer at my attitude about them. I thought I would do that again tonight 🙂

Here’s more look “under the hood,” vibrationally speaking:

Covid: Okay, that was unexpected. I thought it might be something “fun” like food or movies, as I wrote about here. But here goes… My thoughts on the Pandemic are that it is an amazing opportunity for growth, for choosing how we look at our lives, for embracing contrast, and for appreciating the blessings in our lives. It is also an opportunity to focus on well-being in every way, including physical.

Political Events: Yeah, I’m getting that this is not the “light” stuff tonight. My attitude about this topic is that my own happiness comes first, and to me happiness does not come from trying to control or change others. I prefer to focus on what I have influence over. That’s the stuff that is in my everyday life, but most of all, it’s my focus, my thoughts, my mood, my response to life.

Investing: Ok, I am getting that this post is more about me revealing my strong feelings on topics. I feel that investing is a very important vehicle for people to build financial well-being and peace of mind. I have a passion for this topic and sometimes I have probably cared too much that others “get” how important this. That has never worked. Instead, I wish to be a stand for people seeing the value in this for their own lives and financial well-being.

Alcohol/Drugs: Right. Well, we might as well list the big ones on here! I feel very strongly that alcohol and for the most part drugs are not for me. I do take an occasional Ibuprofen, and I drink coffee sometimes, and consume sugar in some foods. But I happily eschew drugs and alcohol otherwise. I’m also not proud to say that I have at times worried about not being accepted by others for being “square.” This was really a fear of mine as a teenager, and has lingered to some degree as an adult. But then I remind myself, “Insecurity begone! No one really gets you! Accept it and move on to funner things.”

Approval from Others: I’m on a roll tonight! Lol. Okay, the NEED for approval from others plagued me a lot when I was younger. I have since learned valuable lessons on the futility of that. I certainly enjoy approval. Yet I think I am clearer now that what matters most is self-approval. I mainly practice that on this blog, and everyday in every way I can. Certainly I still have moments that deviate from this, but I generally use those as feedback to focus ever more powerfully on Alignment with Source Energy, which tends to render need for approval from others moot.

Okay, this concludes this episode of “What Do I Think?” Tune in next time!

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