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Leave the Place Better

Okay, it’s almost 9pm and I admit I feel a bit low in energy. However, I am posting on this blog, so I am motivated to clear my thoughts and come up with something that is up to snuff 🙂

One thing that is nice about this blog is that it encourages me to articulate thoughts from an empowered place. It’s like it forces me to focus… on something that feels good.

Introspection, inspiration, creativity, upliftment… these are mind states that I enjoy sharing with others. Whatever I post here, I am driven to have it be somehow redeeming. Not dishonestly so, mind you, not artificially so– but my writing definitely trends towards the positive.

That is no accident. It’s what seems to fit for me.

So, while this post might be fairly simple, it gives me the chance to articulate something that really matters to me about this blog, and, come to think of it, about my communication in general.

“Leave the place better than you found it.”

If I’m going to put something out into the world, I want it to somehow uplift or benefit others if possible. If I’m just feeling tired or ornery, generally I want to keep it to myself, as I don’t feel this really contributes to the world.

This is actually something that I do instinctively and pretty much all the time as best I can.

Even now, while I don’t necessarily think this post is all that exciting, I think to myself that perhaps others will relate to this. Maybe others will be inspired by it.

Sometimes the simplest things make the most difference.

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