A Fresh Start

In the past few years I have been doing everything I can to get a fresh perspective, to do things that are fun, that are different from the old routines of work and stress, that get me out of the old ruts, the old mental thoughts, the old habits.

This blog was a great way for me to go in a completely different direction. Instead of stressing about work or business, I simply had the job of writing each day. And because the topic usually had nothing to do with my career, I was free to explore other topics that interested me and that felt light and fun and appealing.

Now, having explored and spread my wings for several years in all sorts of satisfying ways, I’d like to put all the pieces together. I’d like to take my new-found clarity, the lightness, fun, and joy I have brought to this blog, and bring it to the rest of my life.

I want to have the career and professional breakthroughs AND do it in a way that fits me, that is aligned, that is fun, that is easy-going and very satisfying.

I want the best of both worlds: the personal AND the professional.

I want to live my creative dreams as a complete package, with the happiness piece firmly in place.

I seek the next adventure, and I know it will be aligned, fun, and totally awesome.

Here’s to a fresh start!

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