The Benefits of a Good Distraction

If there’s anything I’ve learned from constantly digging into the quality of my thoughts, and aiming to choose thoughts that feel good, it’s this: one should know when to act… and when to chill the frick out. In other words, there is a time to take inspired action, and there is a time when you ain’t even close to inspired, and should just relax and give a subject some time before getting back at it.

Often, a nap is better than trying to force something. In my waking moments, I repeatedly am learning the benefits of a good distraction, and of being able to change my focus to something that is more pleasing.

I have started realizing that happiness really comes down to focusing on something that feels good. If you aren’t doing that, if instead you are focusing on something that feels bad… you’re not happy! Furthermore, if you are feeling bad while thinking of that topic or situation, you probably are no good to the situation anyway! Better to give it some time, and when you can think more calmly and clearly, the answer usually will appear soon enough.

There was one person I was working with whom I found repeatedly confusing and a little bit disappointing. They seemed to consistently show up in a way that didn’t reflect well on who I think they actually want to be. I admit to getting a bit peeved at them a few times about this. However, I aimed to bite my tongue. When I finally did speak to them, I did it when I was coming from a positive, peaceful place. It turns out, this person recognizes that their behavior hasn’t been ideal. They actually want to change it, but they were sort of going on automatic. They thanked me for reaching out! Rather than feeling defensive or the situation being unpleasant, they got that I cared 🙂

To me, this is an example of utilizing the Universe’s perfect timing. I didn’t force the conversation. I merely acted when I felt the impulse, and everything unfolded perfectly. I’m sure we’ve all had times like this.

I’m probably writing this right now because there are still areas where I notice that my thoughts aren’t yet aligned. It is still a useful reminder to… just…. chiiiiiiill sometimes.

I’m calling this post “The Benefits of a Good Distraction,” but the truth is it’s not about being distracted as it is about changing the course of your thoughts when they are off. It’s more like a mental intervention.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I need one of those.

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