I Choose!

For several years now, I have aimed to take on feeling good as a primary aim in life. This coincided perfectly with me doing my 365 Day Blogging Project, in which, starting August 2018, I blogged everyday for a year. This commitment to myself aided my efforts to stay continually in a positive frame of mind: I am not a person to want to put negativity on display. Instead, I prefer to project positive vibes as much as possible. Having to post something every day helped me keep my mindset positive 🙂

In fact, I am confident that doing this blog changed my life, because the daily act of writing force me to gain a more conscious sense of control of my own headspace.

The recent events around the Pandemic have given me even more reason to take charge of my mindset. If for no other reason than that there is just so much negativity out there right now. It is easier than ever to get lost in it.

I do not wish to get lost in it. I wish to feel good. I wish to generate, emanate, broadcast a positive vibration! I wish to enjoy my days. I wish to enjoy the wonderful things out in the world around us, as I wrote the other day. I mean, I just don’t see the point in giving into pessimism!

Instead, I feel that these times are the greatest opportunity ever to take charge of our headspace! This is the time to say, I know that there is good in this world. I know that the Universe is good, and I shall look for things to feel good about! I shall appreciate the wondrous things of life, the wondrous experiences, and the wonderful blessings that shower upon me! I shall revel in good-feeling things! I am taking charge of my mindset, of my focus, and of my mood! I control what I focus on, and I choose to focus on Joy, on Well-Being, on Abundance, and on Love. I focus on Appreciation. I focus on thinking good of others, thinking good of the world, and knowing that everything is going to be alright.

Yes, to me it takes a sort of transcendental optimism to say, “Sure, there are things out there going on which may not look good. But I believe that I am most happy when I focus on the things that feel good. And though it isn’t my main reason, I actually think I’m of more use to others when I feel good. So I will focus on those things instead of all the negative-feeling things that others are paying so much attention to.”

I choose who I will be. I choose what I will focus on. I choose how I will feel. I choose my experience.

I choose!

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