Day 235: Magnificent Ongoing Growth

The Law of Attraction states that we attract the people, things, and experiences through our thought vibration. Many people (most people?) have probably encountered the Law of Attraction in movies like “The Secret,” books like “Think and Grow Rich,” and teachers such as Wayne Dyer and Abraham-Hicks.

However, exposure to an idea and mastery of its principles are two very different things. I should know. I have been studying this LOA stuff (short for “Law of Attraction”) a long minute now, and sometimes I still feel like I’m working out the basics!

Today I was listening to an Abraham-Hicks video (thank you, Youtube), and a man was talking about a great time he had by the water. As he took in that experience, he had a vision of owning a house by the water, so he could enjoy the water whenever he wanted. Abraham pointed out that it’s not the house that gave him that great experience, it was the other way around:

When you are in the flow–in that high-flying vibration–you are more likely to attract the house (and other wanted things)!

In other words, it’s the high-flying state of happiness that attracts the circumstances and things, in this case the inspiration to get a house by the water.

Something clicked for me as I heard this, and I thought of my marathon experience. I went through something similar:

  1. I had an amazing marathon experience that satisfied and fulfilled me in previously unimagined ways
  2. I concluded that in order to keep that happy feeling, I needed to immediately go out and do more marathons! (Sounds logical, right?)
  3. I started the next phase of training without checking in with myself to make sure I was physically, emotionally, and situationally ready. Was I hell yes? I did not stop to ask.
  4. Consequently, instead of experiencing joy and fulfillment, I experienced stress and difficulty.

Happily, after going through this experience, I am clearer than ever about the importance of making sure I am a true “hell yes” before taking action.

The other piece of the puzzle is that it’s not the action that matters, it’s the vibration behind the action! We are, after all, human beings, not human doings. Get inspired to act, then act. I have long known this for a long time, and yet I continue to get lessons about it.

Thank you, oh magnificent ongoing growth!

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