Day 205: Creating for Creation’s Sake

Sometimes when I post to my blog, my mind thinks, “Why do this? what’s the point?” And my answer, “Well, why not do it? What’s the reason not to?”

Think about it. Most things that most people do go under the radar of general society. Someone walking their dog or going to the beach doesn’t usually grab headlines. For every person who “makes it,” either with their business, creativity, or even their blog, there are millions more who just go about their lives doing what they do, whether or not lots of people notice.

That’s kind of how I justify my blog. I do it for the joy of expression. Sure, I can’t help sometimes think about how “successful” the blog is, and by extension how I the writer of the blog might be. On the other hand, it seems pretty defeatist to compare myself to others who are “more” successful.

I think expressing for the sake of expression is really important. It’s about the process. Sure, if your expression picks up in popularity, that’s great. It will have occurred not because you needed it to, but because it resonated for the right people. This is more likely when you are authentic and true in your expression. But is popularity essential to justify its existence?

Seems to me the best thing to do is do something because you want to, whether or not others are looking. Let’s create for creation’s sake, and let the chips fall where they may.

As for me, on some level I probably haven’t been ready for a “popular” blog. This “under the radar” quality has its advantages. I get to do what I want, without concerning myself with the reaction of others.

Most importantly, I am glad I didn’t wait for success to just go ahead and blog anyway.

There is so much fun I would have missed out on.

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