Day 7: Benefiting From Slightly-Ago Me

One of the benefits of writing in this blog again is getting to review older posts. Recently, two posts from late December 2020 stood out to me: Practicing Ease and Effortlessness and I Decided to Be Happy.

What’s interesting for me as I read these posts now is the positive mindset I had as 2020 wrapped up. For instance, there’s this:

These days, I’m starting to look for ways to work easy, to let things happen effortlessly, to leverage the wonderful ways that things can get accomplished as if by magic, without stress or strain

Practicing Ease and Effortlessness, December 29, 2020

Then this:

2020 has shown me that I get to create my own weather.

Honestly, I felt I had to. The whole dang world was in upheaval. What was I to do, sit around and suffer? No thanks. Been there, done that! Instead of letting Chicken Little get his way, I decided to take charge of thing, to direct my experience.

I decided to be Happy 🙂

I Decided to Be Happy, December 30, 2020

Reading these now and thinking back to that time, it’s clear to me that I was totally in my power, totally satisfied and clear-headed. No wonder the year that followed, in which I completed for my first AND second marathons, was so triumphant (read “Recapping My Marathon Year,“).

The more I study the Law of Attraction, the more I see how what is going on in one’s mind directly manifests in one’s experience (“Thoughts become things,” to quote Mike Dooley… and Abraham). The words in my posts demonstrate a clarity of focus, a sense of creative control over my experience that completely matches what I was able to achieve soon after.

I’m appreciating this reminder now. Maybe I needed it. Even if I was the one who wrote it, the present me benefits from the clarity of slightly-ago me 😉

I’ll take the inspiration where I can get it.

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