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It’s Not the Subject (It’s How It Feels)

I have written a lot (as in A LOT A LOT) on this blog about delighting in things that I enjoy. Well, recently, I have been blissing out thinking through some adjustments I am making to my investing strategy going (this has not been unlike a similarly-intensive thinking process I wrote about last year.)

To be more specific, a week and a half ago I shared my insights gained from investing this year. Doing that mental work naturally got me thinking about how I want to invest in 2021 (and beyond). Basically, although I loved having my hands in the investing mix all year, I want to make things more automatic (and less hands on) going forward. I like the idea of “elegant simplicity.” I also know now that I can handle a bear market, so am inclined to take on more investment “risk” (ie have a higher allocation to stocks).

With these new insights, I have been working out how to make some sensible shifts in how I structure my portfolio. Namely, I am moving several ETFs to mutual funds, and I am shifting to a more aggressive stock allocation.

In the last couple days, as I have thought about this topic I have noticed feelings of intense curiosity and satisfaction. I’ve been on a “thinking high” of sorts, like what comes from working out an important problem such as for creative project or a research paper.

Making changes to one’s investments can be a dicey thing. Novice investors are known for making bad decisions with their investments. Generally, I support the idea that when it comes to investing one should not do something and just sit there!

However, I have been checking in with myself, and I am very much enjoying myself 🙂 Also, I’m thinking through my actions very thoroughly and this always ends up serving me. I’m optimistic about the course of action I’m taking!

The real point I’m trying to make is that I’ve been paying a lot of attention to how it feels going through this process. And basically it’s been a whole lot of fun!

I am reminded that it is our mood, it is the feeling that results from what we are focused on, it is our vibration that matters!*

That would be equally true if I was writing about how much I love studying snails, cabinets or porcelain dolls 🙂

It’s not the subject, it’s how it feels.

*This is something that Abraham-Hicks talks about a lot, namely that, when it comes to the Law of Attraction, the feelings you have as you talk about, think about, or do something are the most important consideration in how that experience goes for you, and what you attract from it.

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