“Unique Creative Bliss” (Original Poem)

Songs, and Blogs and Piano compositions, 
An artist at work on creative revisions,
So much expression without asking permission,
Just letting myself follow my vision.

I write, I create, I refine, I make,
I explore the idea just for creativity's sake
I follow the path to see where it goes,
Before me the creative river flows.

I feel blessed to access the inspiration
I thank all of Creation
And I feel the perfection of all I have done
And know that I do it just for fun!

Though my mind tells me that's not enough
I must strive, excel, and show that I'm tough!
Yet somehow that doesn't seem the way I was built
I have no use for that weighty guilt

I have no use for being what I'm not
So I'll turn myself back to this light-hearted thought
That creativity is its own reward
I am the Valiant Creative Knight wielding his sword!

It is sufficient to be creative
It is what I was made to give
And the way that I'm doing it satisfies me
And that's all I need, I tell myself wisely

For I am Captain of this ship!
And it is my choice where to take this trip
And I shall follow my own inner compass
Headed toward my unique creative bliss...

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