Day 372: You have nothing to do with it.

During some recent journaling (this afternoon, to be exact), I have been reminded of the importance of taking charge of what I create in my life, my thoughts, and my reaction… especially if people around me get upset. This has been especially insightful, as I have been sorting through an old tendency to take every one else’s behavior personally, despite doing much inner work on this topic over the past few years.

I would like to share with you some insights I wrote down today on this topic. I haven’t usually quoted insights from my journals for these posts, but I might give it a try now and then going forward.

You do not even realize yet just how powerful this is, as you allow yourself to alter, to grow, and to own that YOU ARE CREATOR.

If you are miserable, you are creator.

If you are unhappy, you are creator!

If you are fulfilled, you are creator!

If you are satisfied, you are creator!

It is all up to you! Sure, you may have a delay before you see this completely, because of old thoughts do not serve you, thoughts of fear, of inadequacy, or scarcity. Thoughts of confusion, thoughts that you “messed up,” or thoughts of guilt. Such thoughts were often fueled by you judging yourself if someone got mad at you. Thus you perpetrated a great lie upon yourself:

That when another is upset, it is your fault!

That they are mad AT you.

You must have done something to earn it, right?

Well, no. It is not like that. Yes, you attracted whatever is coming to you, but what you make of it, how you interpret it, is up to you.

When someone gets upset, do you choose to be amused? Or to look upon them with compassion, seeing how confused or out of sorts they are to act that way?

Or do you think, wrongly, that their decision to be judgmental, harsh, or blaming, which causes them to be completely out of whack, to deprive themselves of their source energy connection, is your fault?

Do you see how ridiculous this is? They are out of whack! They have chosen–even if they did it unconsciously– to become completely separate from all that is joyful to them–at least temporarily. Even if they commit the ridiculous act of blaming you for their unhappiness–they, an infinite joyful creator capable of controlling the very cells of their body and every second of their experience–they wish to act is if YOU caused their unhappiness?

People can imagine whatever they want, but the truth is the truth:

If someone is upset, it is always, only, and completely about them, their thoughts, their stories they are telling themselves, and their beliefs. You have nothing to do with it. 🙂

Note: This concluded a stint of inspired thought that came to me while I took “dictation.” My response to this last insight was:

I think this is probably the happiest piece of news I have ever heard!

You’re darn right it is!

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