Day 232: The Wonderful World of Humanity

One of the benefits of years of personal work is that I seem to be lightening up. Bit by bit, as I soothe myself with a self-accepting attitude, I’m learning not to take everything so darn seriously. It also translates into a sense of ease, power, and freedom 🙂

Recently I’m noticing this in relationship to interacting with groups. Although I have had many great experiences in groups, there were times in the past where I lost sight of my own needs and desires.* In fact, I was completely clueless to them. Because of this, I developed an intense desire to get clear, to find my center, to honor myself, and to develop an unshakeable sense of alignment at all times and social situations.

In order to get to that place, time and time again I felt a need to withdraw from others. In the process, I left a lot of people behind. On the positive side, I have developed a clarity and confident sense of self that is essential to who I am. Because of this, it feels easier these days to navigate the waters of society more comfortably and securely. For instance, I am more practiced at saying “No.” I’m more discerning of how my thoughts affect me–whether they are on track with my desires or not– and I am less likely to fall for false motivations like pleasing others or getting caught up in other people’s agendas. If it ain’t a hell yes, I’m more clear about not doing it!

I embrace the Abraham-Hicks mantra, “Nothing matters more than that I feel good.” With my personal happiness front and center in my mind, and the tools with which to foster it, I am enthusiastic about the possibilities of interacting with others and enjoying a life of Happiness, Joy, and Adventure in the wonderful world of humanity.

*Or in the Abraham terms, my own guidance.

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