Day 46: Reaching for Satisfaction (Project-ville Edition)

In case it’s not obvious, I love projects. There is almost nothing so satisfying as purposefully working on something worthwhile, and learning and growing a lot while doing it. However, I don’t want to do something just for the sake of doing it. I only want to do things I am a Hell Yes for. There is no way I would have blogged every day for a year (let alone do it all over again!) if I weren’t getting genuine satisfaction out of it. The same is true for running a marathon. If it weren’t truly joyful, I might have suffered through it once, but eventually I would drop it.

In the long run, isn’t that true for everything we keep doing? Because there’s a crucial piece to the puzzle of accomplishment. The Abraham term for it is Alignment. For an action to be truly satisfying, we have to feel that it resonates within us, that there is something being served inside us as we carry it out. If it’s only a “good idea” that someone else suggested or something you think you “should” do, that’s going about things the hard way. Without alignment, you’re putting cart before the horse, so to speak.

I’ve been there. I’ve taken on new endeavors without making sure I was really aligned. It sucked. Every. Single. Time. Because taking action without alignment is a recipe for frustration, and possibly much worse.

Fortunately, if we check in with ourselves, we can get clear. If it feels off, it is off! There are things we know we really want to do. Eventually, the time will be right, and we will be ready for it. When we feel that inner green light saying now is the time. Yet, like the field for crops, sometimes our ideas need to lie fallow for awhile so that we can become ready to take them on. Our patience will pay off.

This is a crucial step.

So for us who live in Project-ville, let’s take on things that bring us joy and satisfaction because we are truly aligned with doing them!

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