Day 200: I Never Said I Was a Tech Wiz

For numerous years now, I’ve played “Toy Blast” on my phone. In this game, when you get to certain levels with multiple zeroes on them– such as “6000” or “7500”– the level tends to be something unusually fun as well as visually interesting, more of a spectacle than a challenge. The level might, for instance, feature an abundance Rubik’s cubes, which when combined together cause the entire screen (filled with squares of different colors and containing different items) to “explode.” This “explosion” is quite useful in finishing the level, and generally two Rubik’s cubes takes more work to accomplish. On these special-numbered levels, however, what is normally uncommon is practically ubiquitous. This lends such levels an over-the-top quality that is quite entertaining.

That’s how I think Day 200 of my 365 Day Blogging Project should be. It should be something grandiose, something over-the-top, something amazing!

Instead, we have this rather mundane update: After my websites went down last month, I’ve been migrating my websites to a different host. This is my first time ever doing this. I’ve been quite nervous about it. My ignorance of things like pointing a domain from the old host to the new host hasn’t helped, as I have messed this up several times, causing the website migration process to take a lot longer than it should! Lastly, I didn’t realize that while this blog was migrating over, the new posts I entered daily were not being stored with the new host! Last night I realized to my dismay that I lost an entire week of blog posts.

Happily, I figured out how to recover the missing posts, and am reconstructing my path of digital bread crumbs 🙂

I am also soothing my mind as best as I can and not being too mad at myself. I never said I was a tech wiz!

I will, however, be very relieved with the migration process is complete.

Did I mention, I got to Day 200? Woo hoo!

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