Day 172: Because It’s Beautiful

I like that I wrote my post “How to be an Independent Thinker.

It was the last post before what became my three-week blogging break over the Holidays. It didn’t come into existence like most of my posts, typed up directly from mind to computer. Instead, I wrote it that morning at the cafe in my journal. It was a moment of inspiration. I instantly knew those words were something special. Later that night, I was about ready to start my vacation early and not blog. Happily , I ran to the computer and copied down what I had written earlier. Instant blog post!

What I especially like is how the post gives a name to something I have been aiming to do on this blog all along: practice independent thought! The line that especially hits me is, “Inoculate yourself from the need for approval.” This blog has been the perfect way to practice that! After all, I would feel pretty bad if I depended on validation from others, especially the general public, for writing this blog. This blog has helped me inoculate myself from the need of approval because there really hasn’t been any :)*

Sure, the approval-seeking dragon occasionally rears its ugly head. I’m not immune to wanting to my work to be (more) liked. Yet throughout my life–as throughout this blog–has been a consistent thread: the need to follow my own way, do my own thing, regardless of the outcome. I’m reminded of the process-orientation of this blog. I’m really doing it to do it, not in order to get somewhere. Why do people watch sunsets at the beach? Why do I blog?

I guess because it’s beautiful.

*Apologies to friends and family who have supported my blogging along the way. You know who you are, and I appreciate you!

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