Christmas Eve Appreciation List

I like to write things I appreciate :). I did it on this blog at least here and here. And so I shall do it again right now!

Here is my list of things I am appreciating:

  • This blog. It’s a totally cool way to express myself, to play in my sand box, if you will, to articulate thoughts on subjects that matter to me, and to have an ongoing creative project that suits me.
  • That today’s TV appearance went well :). I was back on Good Day Sacramento playing Holiday tunes on the piano. Of course, I didn’t actually go to the TV studio: we did a Skype call. It worked out! Here’s a link to one of the clips of me playing.
  • Being alive. There is so much to enjoy, so much to appreciate, and so many, many blessings 🙂
  • Investing. Over the last six years, this has been my most consistent passion, it seems. I value having something I am passionate about. And the fact that it is so beneficial for our financial well-being is all the better 🙂
  • You. Whoever you are, if you are reading this post, I appreciate you. Thank you, Blog Reader!
  • Our “cozies.” This is the word that my wife and I use for the warm, blanket-like sweaters that we bought for each other last year at Costco. Officially, the brand is “comfy,” but I guess we like to give our own names to our things 😉 Did I mention they are extremely warm?
  • The Power to Choose One’s Thoughts. I am so appreciative of the power to choose what I want to focus on. I am noticing that most of the time I am focused on thoughts that feel good! This encourages me to take charge of my thinking even more.
  • My new computer and workspace. I bought a new computer a few months ago, and it has been great to start fresh with a new tool. I then re-thought my workspace and ended up using a new table, and facing myself in totally new direction in the room. At the same time, I freed up table space facing the window and now spend my mornings sitting there doing my thing (writing, reading, listening to Abraham).

Merry Christmas!

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