Day 64: The Peanut Gallery of Unimaginative Spambots

Okay, so today is Day 64 of this Blogging Project.  Not bad!  At this point, this whole thing is just a part of my routine.  I know I have it to do each day, and so I find time, sit down, and make it happen.

It’s mostly been quite fun.  I have written about a lot of different topics, from books and movies, to my own music and creativity, with a special emphasis on topics like the Law of Attraction and words of wisdom from “My Higher Self.”

Overall, I see that the project is achieving its stated goal: I am sharing something every day, and generally liking what I share (there have been a few exceptions, where I was kind of uncomfortable with the topic or how it turned out, but I shared anyway).  This has been really good for me 🙂  as I feel that I am breaking through whatever barriers may have stopped me in the past.  As I have written about, there’s something freeing about just knowing I have this blog to post to, every day, rain or shine.  It makes it tamper-proof.  Idiot-proof, actually.  I don’t have to grapple with that imposing question of “if” to post.  As in, “Is this idea good enough to post?”  “Is this interesting enough?” “Will people like it?” All these supposedly reasonable questions that actually undermine action and are sourced in insecurity.  The question underlying it is really “Should I post at all today?”  The great thing about this project is that I have already answered that question!  Done, bingo, check in time is at noon, be there or be square!

The biggest surprise for me about this blog has probably been the emphasis on channeled or inspired writings from “My Higher Self.” This has really come in handy from a practical standpoint, as I find that when I tune into that mode, I can just “shut the brain chatter off” and just let the words flow.  Incidentally, these posts are probably among the quickest to write, and in some cases, possibly the best (!), at least in that I have often gone back to read them and thought to myself, “Wow, this is some good ish right here!”

My biggest disappointment, or frustration, so far, and I feel a little weird talking about this, is that I would like to get more (positive) comments from people.  As I wrote previously, I am writing this project regardless of the response.  But I admit, it can get a little lonely writing this thing day after day, as I have for a couple weeks now, with the only “response” being the spam comments I get from (not a real email address… not even a fake spambot email address!) exclaiming to me, “Don’t wear seat belts lest you drown in your urine?”  The same comment I got, incidentally, from six other “people” that week.  Or how about the twenty five other “people” who magically share the same rap lyric, “Black on black in the Charger I’m creepin’ Rub me the right way, you might get a genie B.o.B, black Houdini”?  It can get old checking my comments sections over and over and receiving the same fake comments from the robo-peanut gallery of spambots.

Felt good to get that off my chest!  And in reality, it’s all good.  I feel blessed to be doing this project.  A few spambots won’t deter my sometimes shaky ego.

Onward! More to come!

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