Day 260: Keeping My Knee-Jerkdom In Check

According to Abraham, the entity channeling through Esther Hicks and a beloved mentor of mine, most people are “Knee Jerkers.” That is, most people spend most of their time reacting “knee-jerkily” (is that a word? No!) to life. So, for example, someone cuts them off in traffic, they get offended. They get bad news, they feel bad. On the other hand, someone smiles at them, they feel good. Their boss praises them, they know they are something special.

It’s a very natural way for us pleasure-seeking, pain-avoidant organisms. And there’s nothing inherently wrong with this way of being. In fact, we all do it. Yet personally, I got really tired of feeling like a punching bag knocked around by conditions I couldn’t control. Eventually I decided to take my happiness into my own hands.

To be clear, even to this day I am as prone as anyone to react in a knee-jerk fashion. But I do my best to generate my happiness regardless of circumstances. I do my best to be “unconditional.” That is, by not letting conditions around me set my mood if possible, I aim to create my own weather 🙂 I seek to generate my mood to be on the positive side no matter what.

Like an electric generator, I have an internal battery that supplies electricity. That internal battery is my ability to focus. When I focus on things that feel good, it helps me create a positive experience. The saying is Where attention goes, energy flows, and results show. As I focus on joyful thoughts, it shows up in an improved mood and other positive outcomes.

Even before I thought so much about the Law of Attraction, I learned to do this sort of thing in my performing and in my teaching. I care deeply about being a positive force on others. To this end, I learned how to clear my mind so that when I am working with others, I come from an uplifted place. This ensures that I am of service. I am very appreciative of my professional experiences for helping me hone this ability.

I apply a similar idea each day in my blog, where I aim to generate written thoughts that are interesting and uplifting. I think of it as “showing up to work.” The work is as much about generating a positive mindset as it is the act writing. Similarly, when the Pandemic began, I calmed the mind’s crazy thinking and found my infinite supply of well-being.

Sure, it’s not a perfect process. I am as human as the next guy. But I always aim to keep my knee-jerkdom in check and get back to a resourceful, empowered state.

It’s so much more satisfying that way.

This is great, Chris. We would add that you came here to enjoy life, to indeed generate and create your life experience, not simply to “regurgitate” the experience you see or the experience others manifest or what has been. So when you claim your power to generate what you want, you get closer to fulfilling why you came to Earth!

Thank you for that!

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