Day 225: Generate Beyond Your Circumstances

Sometimes it isn’t so easy to generate the sense of empowerment and joy you may feel you deserve. Sometimes it isn’t instaneous. You might have conditions in your life that are distracting, confusing, or discouraging. It is easy to be at the effect of these conditions. In fact, it is quite normal. But then again, it is normal for human beings to suffer and complain. It is more uncommon to generate who you are, by focusing on what you want, to rise above the fray of sufferers and become like the sun, shining your light regardless of circumstances.

Sometimes I still get hooked by circumstances. In fact, it’s happening in my life right now. There’s a circumstances I am experiencing, that I have no immediate control over, which I find very challenging. Several times I have lost my cool about this situation, giving into frustration. However, as I sit here right now, I appreciate that I have the ability to pause, breathe, and center myself. I don’t need to be at the effect of an unwanted situation.

Abraham says that “everything is always working out” for us, so I trust that this is true. I trust that this situation I am experiencing, this “contrast,” is helping me draw new circumstances that are preferred. All I need to do is reach for something that feels better, know that I deserve better, and trust the process to unfold. It doesn’t need to happen this instant. If I relapse temporarily into frustration, that’s ok. I’m human. I’m still worthy, and I shall get back to feeling good as soon as possible.

I am learning from this situation, I am growing from this situation. .The circumstance does not define me.

All is well.

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