Day 209: Practicing Ease and Effortlessness (Revisited)

Awhile ago I wrote a blog post called “Practicing Ease and Effortlessness.” In it I talked about how I am learning to take “the path of least resistance” in life, which is to say, not work so hard, not effort* so much. Over two years later, this message is still relevant for me.

I am going to list the items I put in the original post, with updated notes on how I handle this area (spoiler alert: the basics haven’t changed!):

  • When reading books: In the last few years, I showed less interest overall in reading books. This was especially true in 2021 and 2022, when I was in marathon training. Frankly, I had limited mental bandwidth for reading. Initially I was a bit disappointed that I was reading less, but I soon adjusted my expectations and decided to be flexible with myself. Now I am having fun reading again. I’m currently reading a novel to my wife at night. Ease and effortlessness rating: 8/10
  • When blogging: I have stayed true to the m.o. of this blog, which has always been about reaching for satisfaction. It is no accident that I’m on Day 209 of my second 365 Day Blogging Project. I love blogging because I do it in a way that is fun for me! Ease and effortlessness rating: 9/10
  • When running (or any kind of exercise): It fascinates me that I hadn’t run a marathon when I wrote the original post. So much has happened! In 2021 I trained for and ran two marathons, and had a total blast! In 2022, after 11 months of training I decided not to run the marathon… this was a huge gift to myself. Ease and effortlessness rating: 9/10
  • When investing or getting our financial house in order: Admittedly, 2022 was a bit tougher in this area, due to navigating the bear market. There have also been times when I’ve been impatient with myself about wanting to save more (and achieve my goals quicker!). I remind myself that investing is a long game and to stay the course. Ease and effortlessness rating: 6/10
  • When trying to accomplish anything that matters: I think I am better now at letting go and trusting that the inspiration will come. Overall ease and effortlessness rating: 8/10

*Abraham-Hicks uses “effort” as a verb to refer to trying to force things or taking action before you are in alignment. “You are efforting,” they say. This is distinct from taking inspired action. Abraham explains how hard we humans often make things when we try to force things without first tuning into our inspiration.

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