Day 204: Allowing the Water to Boil

Last weekend my mom, my wife, and myself went to see Abraham-Hicks. I summarized what I got out of it in this post and this post.

One of the most enticing ideas from the experience was the idea of Esther watching water boil. Here’s the basics of what Abraham said:

If you watch water boil, first it will be cold water, then it will get hotter, then hotter, then hotter still. Then hotter still. Then hotter! Until finally it is boiling water. This is how your focus works. Be steady in your focus, and what you want will manifest. It’s as simple as boiling water!

Interpreted from Abraham-Hicks, 2/11/23, Sacramento, CA

I like this analogy because it is so easy to visualize. We can easily see the water, being cold water and then warm water and eventually boiling water. Also, it takes the mystery or complexity out of manifesting, describing it in easy-to-understand mechanical terms. After all, as long as you keep allowing the heat to apply to the water, the manifestation of boiling water will occur. If you stop the heat, if you turn off the burner, the water does not boil. It can’t. It needs the steady heat to transform it from water to steam.

So it is with manifesting. Transforming our ideas, our inspirations, our desires from thoughts to things is all about steady focus, as Abraham said last weekend. Steady focus that is in alignment with what you want will produce it sooner or later. Abraham also says it’s about “not doing that thing you do” that interferes with the process. If we turn off the burner because we doubt that the process will work, we will not have boiling water!

You don’t necessarily have to focus on something to manifest it. You just need to allow the process to unfold. The old saying is “A watched pot never boils.” The value in this idea is two-fold: first, worrying about something usually backfires because it can lead to meddling with the process; second, when we get our mind off something, we may be surprised when we come back to it by how much it has evolved and developed. Just like taking our mind off the water as it heats up.

To apply it back in our lives, I think the key is to be enjoying what you are doing. This allows things to evolve naturally. For example, I ran for a long time by myself before I ever trained for my first public race. I never put pressure on myself. I enjoyed what I was doing. I basically “let the water boil.” One day, the idea to train for a half marathon occurred. So I did. And I followed up for a couple more years with more half marathons. Then the idea of running a marathon occurred. Eventually, I did that too!

At no point did I rush the process, doubt the process, or “turn off the burner.” I simply allowed it to evolve.

I love thinking this through, because I want to apply this concept in other areas of life where I haven’t necessarily been as enlightened 😉

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