Day 168: Letting It Evolve Naturally

So I have been composing daily since the beginning of June. That’s almost seven months of daily composing. I have written a ton of new music, gotten a lot of experience using Logic Pro, and done more orchestrating than I ever have before. Orchestrating is something I have dreamt of doing for many years, this year was the first time I really sunk my teeth into it. So it’s been a blast.

A little while ago I started to realize, “Hmm, maybe I’m ready for more than just being in this ‘study’ phase.” This year has been like going to school for composing with Logic. Almost seven months and nearly 150 pieces later, I’m glad to say that I got my first gig! Someone contacted me looking for music for their multi-media videos featuring landscape video and photography.

It’s great how this stuff evolves naturally. I didn’t force anything. I just kept following my enthusiasm. And now I got a gig from it!

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