Day 21: Long Live the Weird!

As far as I’m concerned, the mantra of this blog could be “Fly Your Freak Flag.” I still feel like a weirdo sometimes when I write here. After all, I write about anything I want (and sometimes talk to “My Higher Self“), I write to no one in particular (except perhaps my supportive friend Rick, who always reads these), and I break every rule that exists for how to create a successful blog (for instance: Is this a money blog? A running blog? A Law of Attraction blog? Pick a topic!).

In a post from a few years ago, I wrote:

Yeah, I’m a weirdo.  Guilty as charged.  But then again, so was every brilliant artist and thinker who has ever lived.  If this gets me closer to true greatness, then sign me up for weirdo-ness!  And if it doesn’t, well, it still feels good to be more accepting of myself.  This blog is giving me a chance to express my true colors… 

Day 93: Look at Me… Weirdo in Action :)”

The weirdest thing of all may be the fact that this blog is just about the coolest thing I’ve ever done.

Another thing about “weird”: while that word feels slightly negative, it’s not that far from much more positive-sounding words like “free,” “liberated,” or “authentic.” When you can “fly your freak flag,” you get to be your true self. There’s brilliance in authenticity. These days, I am better able to own–ahem–my own brilliance. The uniqueness of my personality, which I like to think shines through in every word I type, has value. I am glad I let myself share it with the world.

As I said, it still feels a little weird sometimes. I probably could a choose a “better” (ie more popular or likely to succeed) approach to designing a blog. Maybe someday I will. Yet As much as I would love to build a fanbase of loyal readers, for instance, I am satisfied to continue following the “prime directive” no matter what: to let this blog be.

And if that’s weird, sign me up for weirdo-ness!

Maybe someday I will “get it right” and do a blog that is clear, consistent, and a good business idea! In the meantime, I am liking my exploratory, free-form, no-rules, sky’s-the-limit, fly-your-freak flag personal blog 🙂

Long Live the Weird!

Lastly, this kind of post would not be complete without a word from “My Higher Self:”

You are doing fabulously, Chris. There is something remarkable about your transparency and willingness to share with others. We like that you are also starting to own your gifts more than ever. Your brilliance, your uniqueness, and therefore your power!

Thank you. I think you are right (said a little sheepishly).

We know we are right. You are comfortable enough to post these words and say, yes, they describe me: brilliant, genius, talented, gifted, worthy, good, empowered, authentic… AWESOME. Is this okay for you now?

Yes! Sure, lt feels like I’m “outing” myself. Like, “Yes, folks, I admit it. I’m awesome.” Sure, maybe I was a bit reluctant before. But if I’m self-conscious about it, so be it.

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