Day 93: Look at Me… Weirdo in Action :)

In thinking about my daily blog posts, I recently had an insight about myself that, believe it or not, was quite helpful:  Yes, I am a weirdo. 

How am I a weirdo?  Okay, let me count the Wavy Gravys:

  • I do a daily blog where I blog about no one particular topic.  This probably already puts me in the “weirdo” category.
  • Some of my blog posts are rhymed.  I’m not sure how many bloggers can claim this, but I’m sure not many.  Definitely evidence of weirdo-ness.
  • Some of my blog posts are presented as if they are “channelled” by some Higher Being, with “the real me” sometimes conversing with this “other” voice as if this is something normal to do (It is actually quite normal in my own brain).  Am I serious that I think I am channeling?  Or am I just celebrating my own highly active imagination?  And do I even think it matters?    More than any other quality, this puts me deep, deep, deep into weirdo territory.  I think I probably could run for Mayor of Weirdos-ville.
  • My posts mostly often have little to do with my profession, have little to do with marketing or promoting myself, which goes against all the business coaching and training that I have (yes, it’s true) paid lots of money for in the past.  Instead, I write about recycling and looking at trees.  My name is Chris, and yes, I am a bonafide Weirdo!

I’ll stop there.  The funny thing, maybe the funniest thing, about this whole thing is that, for the first time, I don’t mind.  Yeah, I’m a weirdo.  Guilty as charged.  But then again, so was every brilliant artist and thinker who has ever lived.  If this gets me closer to true greatness, then sign me up for weirdo-ness!  And if it doesn’t, well, it still feels good to be more accepting of myself.  This blog is giving me a chance to express my true colors… all of them, for the first time in an online format (with the possible exception that so far there has been a notable lack, or at least shortage, of content focused on my music career).

So anyway, I’m really glad to see this develop in me.  I can honestly say that I have truly grown in my own comfort level and self-acceptance by doing these daily posts, and especially by sharing my “channeled” posts.  Even the rhyming has been sort of a revelation.  It’s been an all-around liberating experience, just as I wanted it to be back on Day One!

Lastly, I would like to say that I recommend this personal liberation experience for anyone else who feels the drive!  If you are a Radical Self-Expressive like myself (an entire new RaSE!) and feel the need to open the floodgates, you might want to do a daily blog too!

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