The Rainy Heavens Give Birth (Rhyme-y Poem)

It's late at night, I don't really want to write,
Don't feel that bright, instead rather uptight,
But on the other hand, the rain outside
is so fracking nice, it just may turn the tide

Got a lot on my mind, but I suppose it's okay
weird thoughts, they don't stay, they'll go away
I'll get the clarity that I seek, in the meantime
it's okay if I feel meek or like a freak

Back to the rain: what a glorious thing!
Rejoice as we all collectively sing
in appreciation, "Come rain, we love you!"
Bring down the rain for a month or two

The rain cleans my mind like it does the street
Washing away the memory of heat
And focusing my thoughts on calm and cool flow 
I begin to mellow and my thoughts slow

Mental nourishment, gift from nature
A wonderful interruption that God made sure
to grant us, for those of us open,
Hey, it beats sitting around mopin'

No need for that, I got rain to love
Simple beauty come down from above!
It has no needs or concerns at all
It merely does what it does best: Fall!

And I do what I do best: witness!
And take a few moments to think through and print this!
It's nice to be alive, it's nice to be on Earth
While outside the rainy heavens give birth

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One Thought to “The Rainy Heavens Give Birth (Rhyme-y Poem)”

  1. Sweet poem, love the connection between rain and the author’s mood changing from worry to wonder, I cannot help but love, living here in Northern California, and wish, wish, wish would come again soon.

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