New-and-Improved, Pandemic-Era Running Regime (October Update)

Earlier this month I wrote about how I was running more often these days. That trend has continued. In fact, this month I ran 23 out of 31 days, something I have not done for years, if ever. In the process, I actually ran more miles than I ever have in a month, to my knowledge: 135 🙂

Here’s how October stacks up with the previous three months:

MonthTotal # Runs# Consecutive Running DaysRange of DistancesTotal Miles Run
Oct23142 to 10 1/3 miles135
Sept20102 1/2 to 12 miles126
Aug1525 1/4 to 20 miles117
July 1732 to 16 miles123

While I ran more miles than ever, the range of my miles was lower than they have been for months: my shortest run was 2 miles, my longest was 10 1/3. In other words, my runs were shorter over all… I just did a lot more of them, so they added up!

I also did 14 consecutive running days. That means, 14 times I ran on back-to-back days. Actually, I ran four days in a row (M-Th), took Friday off, then ran on Saturday, to run five days each week (except for first few days of October, when I was completing a string of six consecutive days of running).

It continues to be incredibly satisfying and beneficial to run. I have even taken to running at least a bit on days when I work out in the backyard. Translation: several times I have sprinted around the back yard for 5+ minutes to at least get my body going and feel the positive impacts of a run.

By the way, Happy Halloween! Here’s a Holiday-specific rhyme I wrote a couple of years ago:

Day 89: “King Sugar Cane,” a Halloween Rhyme

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