Day 89: “King Sugar Cane,” a Halloween Rhyme

Happy Halloween!  No doubt the fact that I haven’t been eating processed sugar (or grains) for 2 1/2 weeks had something to do with writing tonight’s rhyme 🙂  I hope you like my pitter-pattery sugar expose…


“King Sugar Cane”

Halloween, rowdy teens dressed as

howling fiends, prowling for sweets,

now we meet as we creep down the street,

costume ghosts and ballerinas.

Now you see us, soliciting candy

A Twix’ll be dandy, a fistful is handy,

all you can grab, blame your dad,

that you can’t stop eating that awful crap you’ve

packed in your shopping bag.

Gawking for sugar, an onlooker

would’ve thought you were an addict,

Captain, why’d you let the dinosaurs out of the paddock?

The kids have turned prehistoric

reaching for s’mores and treats so caloric,

They leap to accrue all the sweets that they can,

teach ’em to binge ’till they can’t even stand!

That was the plan, to load up the sweet-tooth,

oh how it beats youth, you know that I speak truth.

They grow into beasts, brood of King Sugar Cane,

we should explain to these ‘tweens that their veins

have been ingesting saccharine since back when

before they could tie their shoes,

the finest booze is the liquor they pack thicker

inside their foods just to get them to

buy their brews, we all got a weakness

for that sweet shit we breathe in

with each tin of green mints and Wheat Thins,

the cheap sins that we commit each weekend!

But it’s just sugar! We plead with our better selves,

Who stand helpless as we pack our shelves

with Keebler’s Elves and eager helpings of

Twizzlers and caramel peanut shells,

Who cares if we’re obese or unhealthy?

Don’t tell me I shouldn’t eat what they’re selling!

It’s so sweet and delicious,  I don’t need something nutritious,

How could something so tasty be malicious?

Oh how a child wishes for nothing but sweet stuff,

it seems tough to clean up that act,

but bad plaque and unhealthiness are a fact

“I can hardly take this, I feel like I’m leaving the Matrix,”

How the stomach aches with sugar withdrawal

when it’s forced to remove all

the sugar from its walls

Believe me, I know this well,

But I too have come from Sugar Hell

And lived to tell.





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