Day 295: Off on a back-packing trip!

This morning I am going off on a back-packing trip with my brother. I wrote about the last one I took with him. We’re not straying too far from where we were last time, although this time instead of going to Yosemite, we are going to the Desolation Wilderness, an ominous-sounding area south of Yosemite that, as far as I know, includes Lake Tahoe and Kirkwood. I’m still putting the pieces together, and will discover as we go. My brother is sort of playing navigator on this, and I’m happy to go along.

I haven’t gone on a backpacking trip in a couple of years, so I am very excited for sure. I wrote about my last trip, a solo Yosemite trip. I love backpacking in nature for the sense of personal expansion, the challenge, the sensory experiences of being out among the elements, and the feeling of being alive.

Should be awesome! Wish me luck.

On a side note: I actually started this post on Thursday, two days before the trip. Yet I am having to write three posts ahead of time. For the first time since I started this 365 Day Blogging Project, I am actually unable to complete a blog post on those days. I will, after all, be in the wilderness 🙂

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