Day 120: Picture Taking Fun

Okay, so here we are at Day 120 of this blogging project.  That’s almost a third of the way there!  If you have read any of my other blogs, hopefully you can see that I am getting a ton out of this project.  For one thing, every single day I get to choose a topic that interests me and write about it.  This is truly a first.  A few days ago I wrote about a type of sheet music I like called a Fake Book.  Before that I wrote about the cereal recipe my wife has been making for us.   I have really enjoyed writing about topics such as these.

Part of the fun has been taking pictures.  By a quick count on the media section in my WordPress dashboard, I see that I have used pictures for nearly 50 of these posts  (In the two posts referenced above, I used multiple pictures).  Taking pictures for my blog posts has been a fun side benefit of this entire project (Incidentally, my wife’s digital content creation class I am taking at the local college has been helping with this too… I complained about resurfacing school woes here).

One of the things I really wanted from this project is to have a creative outlet.  Expressing myself through both words and pictures (and of course some videos I have shared) is very satisfying to my artistic soul, and to my desire to continually be creating.  It is quite satisfying to work in multiple media 🙂

Here are a few of my favorite pictures I have used in this blog, with links to the posts where I used them:


The Cereal of the Gods!
It Was Music All the Way, Baby!








Ten Years of Love Songs









Don’t Judge Me

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