Day 79: Why I Love Intermittent Fasting (in Rhyme!)

Okay, so keeping with the recent rhymes I’ve been doing, I’m going to write a rhyme about why I love intermittent fasting.

First a little background: I “discovered” Intermittent Fasting a few months ago.  I say “discovered” in italics because I know it was always there, and I had probably heard about it, but it never entered my consciousness or interested me until two months ago.  In a matter of a couple of weeks, I developed an interest in it, ordered a very helpful book on the subject (Dr. Fung and Jimmy Moore’s “The Complete Guide to Fasting”), my wife and I devoured it.  Simultaneously, I began practicing it, and have done so for the past 7 weeks with great success.

And here to rap about it is my alter-ego, the Artist Once-Upon-a-Time-Known as “CWiggz!”:


So why do I love intermittent fasting?

Who would of thought this would be something lasting?

I always looked at diets as some dumb ass thing

that didn’t apply to me, after all, I’m an athlete!

I run all the time, so that means that I can’t be

Dissatisfied with my weight, so if you asked me,

I wouldn’t have said anything, I was acting

like all was cool, but this stomach mass thing

was annoying me.  The last thing

I would do was admit that I wanted to lose weight,

I was too prideful, thought it would mean I would lose face,

Like admitting to vanity was just too base,

Yet there I was wanting a new waist!

But I gave up those concerns and with true haste

I gave this a try, and now I’m in a new state

Where all of a sudden I have renewed faith

in my ability to create what I want and feel truly great.

I get to be who I want and how I want,

and so now I flaunt my proudest thoughts on how I got

to the point where I am enjoying the progress I sought,

And it was so much easier than the nonsense I thought.

I just had to give up the pride, and stop with the secrecy

that was keeping me from being free

to achieve these things that are pleasing me

when I look in the mirror, it happened so easily!

So I don’t care if it’s vanity to want to slim down,

I’m sharing the pleasure of being able to lose pounds,

It feels healthy and now I’m in the driver’s seat,

And it’s really simple: there are times when I don’t eat!

And I’ve cut back on sugar, and these things allow

my metabolism to do what Nature endowed

the power to accomplish, it’s simple mathematics

A beautiful secret, I couldn’t be more emphatic!

So call me fanatic of a time-honored tradition

of being off food, it started with the admission

that there was something not working, then like the ignition

of the car started up, and look what came to fruition!

I’m cruising down the highway, doing things my way,

Every day now is Friday, Hallelujah it’s a fine day!



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  1. You’re encouraging me to cut back on all that sugar I consume. Ahhhhh . . .

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