Day 77: Leaving Cool Behind (original rhyme)

There’s something about putting on a daily blog that can at times be… challenging.  I mean, here I am, putting myself out… EVERY day… whether I really want to or not.  I admit it, maybe sometimes I’m not really in the mood (like now a little bit, lol).

And yet, it doesn’t really matter.  I have made the commitment.  My word is on the line, and so I follow through.

I shall write a rhyme about it:


“Leaving Cool Behind”

Leaving cool behind, sometimes I don’t want to shine,

sometimes I’d feel fine just closing the blinds

at home with what’s mine, they call it privacy,

but lately all I see is this constant need


to blog what I think, and I gotta watch what I speak,

because I want it to be good, on a positive streak

something I’m proud to show, but you know

sometimes it sorta blows, cuz I gotta keep in the flow


And keep the expression moving, even though

I might wanna say “No, man, I just gotta go.”

A tight-wad of the mouth, a close-lipped pout,

Like “I’m not in the mood, always gotta go out.


Today I’d rather stay in, don’t wanna put on a grin,

These currents look grim, and you say I gotta go for a swim?”

But then I remember, “Oh yeah, I forgot

I have total freedom on this page where I jot


I can do what I want, whether cold or hot,

whether up or down, don’t have to stay in the same spot!

I get to be honest, I get to be truthful.”

And there’s something sorta beautiful about being dutiful


About just sticking it out, and showing up for work,

Rather than sulking and balking like a jerk,

After all, all I need to do is follow through

And so I write my daily post for all of you 🙂

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One Thought to “Day 77: Leaving Cool Behind (original rhyme)”

  1. LOVE the RHYMING. The voice is so upbeat, in contrast to the mood of the author! This works! It is a great technique. That’s why rap is so popular, I guess, all those “heavy” messages in a sing-song, jingle jangle voice.

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