Day 76: A Steady Stream of New Creative Work

So here at Casa Goslowus, my wife and I are both pretty much constantly creating new things.  She is always working on new art pieces on her iPad, or sewing new clothing or scarves.  As for me, in addition to doing this blog, and my Artist Mindset Podcast, I have been writing a lot of new music compositions.  It started at the end of last year, when I talked to a guy who deals with music licensing, and he suggested I write a lot of music for possible licensing purposes.  I started regularly making new pieces on Garageband, which I then imported onto iTunes.  Currently I have 43 pieces in my “Garageband” playlist on iTunes from the past 10 months or so (some of them were not actually done on Garageband, but the playlist just became a sort of holding place for this year’s compositions).

It feels good to be creatively productive.  This is something I set out to be, starting in college, when I studied Julia Cameron’s book “The Artist Way.”  It helped give me the sense of freedom to create that I was looking for.  I have many years of rhyming journals, many dozen songs, and many compositions, and an unfailing confidence in my creative abilities that are a testament to my creative liberation.

This I’m proud of.  This 365 Day Blogging Project is sort of the next step in the creative healing process that “The Artist Way” helped so much with.  Every single day I get to take another slug at the specters of perfectionism and fear of criticism.

I am very happy with the results!  I am clear that I have grown tremendously from this process so far, and it is helping achieve the total creative liberation that is my goal.  Whether it’s talking about some weird insecurity, sharing insight from “My Higher Self,” or writing a rap for this blog, I have continued to use My Happiness Obsession as a place for (to me) radical self expression.  I am now inhabiting a continuous state of fearless sharing 🙂

This bodes well for my creativity, because it is that which stands I think to benefit the most.  The more easily and more confidently I share what I create, the better.

So open up the aqueducts, and long may the steady stream of creativity continue!

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  1. Hey, you’re turning into the genius of the natural world, continually emerging with creativity! WOW, Wow, wow wow. . .

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