Day 73: Personal Pot (er, Blog) of Gold – Original Rap Just for This Blog

Tonight I decided to write a rap about my 365 Day Blogging Project 🙂


“Personal Pot of Gold”

Day seventy-three, what a long way, look at travellin’ me,

I’m amblin’ free with every page that I add to this personal history.

This blog is my Listerine that keeps my metaphorical teeth clean,

An eager fruit stand, it’s so peachy keen.

My boat is pounding the H20,  I’m hitting these waters

Internet therapy couch, so cathartic for bloggers,

Look what I’ve started, around the world in three hundred and sixty five days,

I must be making money, cuz how a post at a time pays.

Enjoying the sun’s fine rays, I just apply my brain

I trust in my train of thought and ride it all the way

to the top of the hill, the greatest spot I can take!

I’m killin this artistry, move over William Blake!

So bake me a cake and fill it with inspiration,

And give me my daily supply of creation,

Cuz this elation has definitely caught ahold,

I’ve found my personal pot of gold,

This gimmick has not gotten old,

Why not be bold?  Why not take this

opportunity?  It’s lunacy to topple and fold.

We all were told that we are capable of greatness,

Why sit on the waitlist?  You can make this today, Chris!

If I can, you can, So like Tucan Sam, “Follow my nose!”

And follow my prose, through all that it goes

through as my blog grows, God Only Knows

What’d I’d do without this job that I chose

That I gave myself, with the power to create with stealth,

like the greatest wealth, every day I’m helped

with my faith in self-expression that will never lesson

without question my destiny that progressed in me

until I said “Yes” to this blessing, without stressing

or second-guessing I’m progressing, I’m not messing

this is the best thing I’ve created since first grade

when I played with the crayons all day

I’m able to say, this is the stablest way

to liberate yourself from the pain and dismay

that comes from not being able to say

what is on your mind, not too kind

to stop your light when it wants to shine,

So I’ve got mine and it’s fine!

No need to whine, so sionara

Cuz that’s the end of my line



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One Thought to “Day 73: Personal Pot (er, Blog) of Gold – Original Rap Just for This Blog”

  1. Another great rhyming feat from Chris Goslow! So much wise talk here. Love it.LOVE the RHYMING. The voice is so upbeat.! This works! It is a great technique. That’s why rap is so popular, I guess, all those “heavy” messages in a sing-song, jingle jangle voice.

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