CWiggz! does Car Karaoke! (In his mind)

Hi there!

Fun and light post today.   I literally just thought up writing this post RIGHT NOW.  Well, about 2 minutes ago.  And here I am, that is fast MANIFESTING!

It is 9:08pm on Sunday night, I just sat down at the computer for the first time today (was out all day), anyway, I was skimming the wall on Facebook, when I saw a post my wife shared showing Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman doing “car karaoke” of one of his songs (maybe you’ve seen it?  Apparently it just happened and is a viral sensation, duh– it’s Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman).  Anyway, it was an extremely sweet and spontaneous moment (I didn’t know they were married).  

As I was watching it, I thought to myself, “Wow, this is so nice!  That is so fun that they are doing that!”  I have seen “car karaoke” before with the Late show guy and various pop stars, but I hadn’t seen this style of a music artist doing his own car karaoke… let alone with his beautiful, famous in-love-with-him wife.  I thought it was extremely fun and cool, and I thought, “Wow, that’s the kind of thing I love to do/would love to do!”

And so there was this openness, this desire to do such things myself… i mean, not literally to have to do car karaoke with my wife to my songs (although I could)… but maybe, you never know.  It was more about the idea, the invitation to be A PART OF THINGS.  To participate in the world, in this moment.  That appealed to me.  But since I didn’t really understand what that feeling meant, I figured I would explore it more on this blog.

Probably I’m extending the same line of thought from yesterday’s blog, about wanting to be a part of the action… to release my inner rockstar in life.  Thinking more about it, it’s really that I want to be A PART OF THINGS.

Perhaps this is a turning point in my life when I realize the old way of protecting myself, where I withdrew from the world and stayed in my own space, which I felt I could “control,” realizing that way just doesn’t work any more.  I can recall those memories right now, but I am willingly letting go of the grip they had on me.  I am open to the world.  This is my means of letting go.

Maybe there’s a car karaoke with my wife in the future??

Don’t know, we will see.  Anyway, I think this is enough for now.  I’m going to let this blog post be short, even though a part of me thinks it’s pretty hanky of me to do that (I have professional standards, yo!  At least 800 words!  Though I’m not sure why).

"Say Nothing!" This comic is example of the kind self-censorship programming I have been dealing with for a long time... And reversing in this blog! Copyright CG 2008.
“Say Nothing!” This comic is example of the kind self-censorship programming I have been dealing with for a long time… And reversing in this blog! Copyright CG.

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