Day 244: I Love My Me-Space

One thing that really works about how I run my blog is that I do not feel a need to please anybody but myself. If my blog were to get highly popular, I might have to adjust to the impact of a large audience. I would probably keep doing my thing regardless, in the way that best pleases me. After all, it is what I have done from the beginning.

Yet on some vibrational level, I have probably preferred to keep things somewhat obscure/unknown because I haven’t wanted the pressure of pleasing others (or the displeasure of displeasing them!).

Is this foolish or short-sighted? Perhaps. Yet it has worked for me because I have had the me-space to explore and experiment without worrying about what other people think. There’s a trade off for sure. It’s not always as interesting feeling like I’m writing in a vacuum. However, there’s an empowering feeling of autonomy about my blog.

Freedom is priceless.

Obviously there are great joys in sharing with the world. But sometimes you gotta be a little selfish. You need to put yourself in front of others if you ever want to have anything to give others. If there’s one benefit this blog is giving me, it is the freedom to celebrate myself. When I articulate my thoughts and publish them, it feels like they have more value. It gives them more weight somehow. This is satisfying.

I spent a long time trying to “make it” in the world in various ways. With this blog, I don’t have to. I purposefully don’t try. I just express. I just be.

And it works!

I love my me-space 🙂

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