Day 222: Tonight’s Appreciations

I’m gonna keep it simple!

Tonight I am Appreciating…

  • Working on a film scoring project writing music for an old TV clip. I’m having fun.
  • Taking it easy on myself with running. I’m enthused and open-minded, staying aware to do what works. I appreciate the running I am doing, and giving myself time to build back up gradually.
  • Going swimming and using the gym. Not only has it been a nice additional exercise outlet for me, it’s been a lot of fun going with my wife.
  • Finishing up the book I read to my wife, “Body & Soul,” by Frank Conroy. It was a nice diversion, and reading a book aloud is not something we have done much before.
  • Appreciating myself, my life, for where it is, no matter what. Being okay with things, and with myself. This sets the stage to attract more good things 🙂
  • Being able to do a short and sweet blog post.

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